“Stacy Fuller is the best massage therapist in Gunnison! I have had massage from most other massage therapists here, and nobody does a more thorough job than Stacy. I highly recommend experiencing a massage from Stacy!”



“Shirodhara is, without a doubt, the most relaxing treatment I've ever had. I would recommend this for anyone!"



"Stacy's classes are fun, informative, and nourishing. Bring balance into your life while learning about Ayurveda, one of the world's oldest systems of health and wellness. Stacy imparts a profound healing energy to every class and treatment she offers. I leave her classes feeling more balanced and at peace with myself, and the world around me."



“Practicing yoga with Stacy is a journey along the path of understanding what yoga is. It is through Stacys' guidance that allows students to become aware of breath and movement and the incredible connection between the two. She's a teacher that goes beyond instructing how to breathe and move the body safely and properly - she's a teacher that offers her students to experience that place in the mind where peace resides - and then to carry that peace off the mat and offer it to the rest of the world!”



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