Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Services


Katie Dautrich

Masters Of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Nationally Certified in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado





TCM is one of the oldest, continuously used medical practices in the world.  It is a comprehensive medical practice that can treat most any malady by using  a combination of physical and internal medicine.  Many people equate TCM to acupuncture, but it is so much MORE!


Acupuncture is the insertion of fine, sterile, needles into specific areas of the body. It promotes healing by supporting the bodies own innate drive to regenerate and maintain health. Studies show that pain relievers and homeostatic hormones are released when acupuncture needles are inserted. 
Acupuncture is nearly pain free, it is unbelievably relaxing and has countless health benefits.


Chinese medical massage is used to address specific complaints usually involving pain and limited range of motion.  It is also useful in treating digestive complaints, menstrual irregularity and to relieve stress.


Cupping: A manual therapy that uses suction to increase circulation, decrease pain and improve range of motion.  It is also useful during a cold or to treat coughs.

Gua Sha: A manual technique that scrapes the skin using a flat instrument.  Gua Sha is great for treating some chronic pain conditions, colds/flus, headaches and scar tissue.  The scraping breaks down old scar tissue, improves circulation and builds  immunity.


Warming therapy used by burning Artimus Vulgaris, commonly known as mugwort, on or near the skin. Moxibustion builds red and white blood cell count-improving immunity and anemia, can stop stabbing or cold type pains, relieve menstrual cramps, speed up healing time, and much more!


Energy work is a form of healing that works on the bodies subtle energy fields-the protective shell around every living thing. I utilize channel theory, medical Qigong and chakra theory in my practice.


Chinese Herbal Medicine is offered in patented pill form or as an individual prescription. Herbal medicine is a powerful tool and can be used as an alternative(or adjunct) to most pharmaceuticals

Standard Process Whole Food Nutritional Supplements are one of the oldest supplement companies in the U.S and the only brand I trust.  They use whole food grown on their company farm in Wisconsin to produce food based medicine based on the teachings of Dr. Royal Lee.


Improving circulation and breaking fevers for millions of years. All human civilizations have used bleeding to improve health. 
TCM uses bleeding therapy to treat pain disorders, neuropathy, circulation disorders and psychological disturbances. 


Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils are a wonderful adjunct to any therapy or lifestyle.  Oils can be used to fight fatigue, soothe anxiety and overwhelm, uplift the spirit, regulate digestion, and improve lung health, not to mention all the household uses! 


Movement is the basis of good health and pain free living. I offer individualized stretching and exercise programs.

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